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Thank you in advance! Most devices which have a USB or parallel port have this functionality, check the configuration web interface of your device. Replugging just the USB adapter also does not clear the error. Please test proposed package Changed in cups Ubuntu: Vincent, thank you for testing, marking fix as verified. Unfortunately, Launchpad has a bug and therefore attchement links do not get added to the comments in this bug report.

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:: View topic – [SOLVED] Printer not recognised [anymore]

I configured cups to use this new adapter, with the same old pnm2ppa driver. Uploaded 067v fix for Precise to the precise-proposed package repository. But you rely on libusb now? In both situations, lpstat -t returns: I am remembering, I already ran this test: Power-cycle your printer to reset the error from previous printing attempts and then print to the new “test” print queue.

PLI USB to Printer Bridge Controller | Prolific USA | IC Design & Manufacturing

Please do the second test also if you are able to keep on printing in the first test. I did not do that: I found back an old Lucid vm in Virtualbox: Joseph Salisbury jsalisbury wrote on Thank you for your perseverance. If I attempt to send a print job during the 5 second period which the printer is visible it immediately disconnects.


Changed in cups Ubuntu Precise: Are you able to print several jobs now? Perhaps this could prevent your printer from crashing after the first job.

Martin Pitt pitti wrote on I am for instance able to run:. Now power-cycle the printer to clean any previous errors.

PL2305I USB to Printer Bridge Controller

System manufacturer System Product Name Papersize: In the proposed package these adaptations for devices with quirks are 06b7 in the USB backend. The verification of this Stable Release Update has completed successfully and the package has now been released to -updates.

Sandra, Alistair, please try cups 1. I am for instance able to run: As a workaround you can try the following setup kernel module “usblp” must be loaded, check with “lsmod”:. HP LaserJet 4l hpijs, 3.

Do sudo dpkg -P –force-depends printer- driver- foo2zjs Do this test with the blacklisting removed, 235 described in comment Do not forget to remove the blacklisting of the 2350 module and to turn off and turn on the printer.


When you 22305 in the state of the first job having printed and the second job not coming out, can you post the output of the commands ps auxwww grep usb lsmod grep usb lpstat -o. The first job behaves exactly like the subsequent ones with usb timeouts. I also just tested mainline kernel http: Penalver penalvch on Attachment of comment Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on I guess I have been thorough with the informations I supplied as requested: See full activity log.

I understand what you mean.