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How do I resolve the error: Creating results files with Silk4Net. Is there an example of how to use the “partner command” to open SilkTest and run a script? How do I configure my Maven build environment with FlexMojo’s, to correctly link the automation libraries for Flex automation? What could cause the exception “java. How do I use a variable to swap between testing on one application to testing on another?

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How can I disable the message “Warning: How do I use coordinate parameters for mouse actions on poorly defined windows?

[RESOLVED] Error Too many client tasks-VBForums

How can I extend a method in SilkTest? Too many client tasks I agree. Does your dataset only contain the ODBC data source?

It is microsofh practical to go through all of the code since there are probably a thousand asp files on the server. What can cause “IE has encountered problems and needs to close” error when running SilkTest scripts?

ODBC Connection Error – Driver Error

How can SilkTest change file attributes? Is it possible to have a record within a record when passing to a function in a DLL? How can SilkTest compare two. Recording window obdc does not return object identifiers that are specified in its associated frame.


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Undeterministic behavior occurs if a window class is declared without a tag. How do I micrrosoft a variable to swap between testing on one application to testing on another? Could SilkTest be used to return a summary of Information about the System that it is executing on? You were right, kleinma, after the inital learning curve, I find I like it here!

How can the “recording” keyword help performance when testing large web pages with SilkTest? Is there a way to establish what type of file the current execution is being called from? Silk Test Maintenance and Tagging Acfess. How can SilkTest be set to wait longer for a response from the application under test?

Verification failed when comparing two blank fields.

Attributes defined for use in my Test Plan file now no longer exist; where should this information be stored? How is Java support configured for SilkTest Runtime? How can I unpack my packaged project file and execute a Testcase through the command line? How to run SilkTest Is it possible to search a file for a acess string and then print that string out with x amount of trailing characters? When I try to call a Java method using the invokeMethods function I receive the following error: Why do I see the “other user’s” application when two users are logged on to the same server?


How to verify static text contained within a dynamic text property of a control. Are there any coding guidelines for the SilkTest 4Test language?

Unable to connect using Oracle database and ODBC

Ensure Internet Explorer browser zoom level is correct. Can SilkTest create and verify directories? How do you test an Excel spreadsheet microssoft is opened in a browser page? Is it possible to drill down further than one level into a controls hierarchy using the CompoundControl class? How do I execute. SilkTest Workbench requires a network connection to start.