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According to Dale Ford, senior analyst at Dataquest, a market research firm based in San Jose, California, a number of factors could have influenced Sega’s decision to move to NEC, including NEC’s proven track record of supplying chipsets for the Nintendo 64 and the demonstrated ability to be able to handle a major influx of capacity if the company decided to ramp up production on a moment’s notice. On January 31, , the Court issued a Pre-Trial Order establishing a schedule for trial and the manner in which this valuation phase of the trial would be handled. On March 27, , 3dfx held its annual shareholders’ meeting at which 3dfx obtained shareholder approval of the APA and the Plan of Dissolution. The answer to this question is not found in nVidia’s internal documents or in offers that may have been made and rejected. We were willing to pay a premium over the value of 3dfx’s assets to get that head start over other potential suitors for the 3dfx engineers.

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Alex Leupp, former president and chief executive officer of 3dfx.

Unfortunately, the Trustee misunderstands the relevant accounting concepts. From this contention, the Trustee argues in his Post-Trial Brief that the burden shifted to nVidia to show “that assets not subject to the fraudulent conveyance law were included in the assets acquired and the value of those assets.

The district court properly recognized that the PCAs had to find employment somewhere and that PureGro was fortunate to have hired them. This strategy differed from that of other 3D APIs of the era Direct3DOpenGLand QuickDraw 3Dwhich hid low-level hardware details behind an ” abstraction layer “, with the goal of providing application developers a standard, hardware-neutral interface.

The court found that GAAP was irrelevant to the question before it. The Trustee also offered testimony by designated deposition excerpts for Paul Carmichael, Richard Heddelson, Steve Pettigrew as part of his case-in-chief.


The First Circuit also declined to disturb the jury’s determination that Sullivan Co.

3dfx Interactive

STB prior to the 3dfx acquisition also approached Nvidia as a potential partner to acquire the company. Wagner did not perform an event study or similar analysis which might have isolated whether the drop in 3dfx share price was, attributable to factors other than the announcement of the Transaction. It was very competitive because 3dfx had business relationships with Via; in the past there had been talks of partnership arrangements.

As he described this valuation metric, [d]uring the relevant time period, acquisitions of companies with no profitable business were driven by the desire to obtain scarce engineering talent.

Huang testified that by April ofnVidia had substantially realized the benefits it had hoped to achieve from the Transaction. The Company is in the process of winding up its business.

Commercial Credit Report for 3Dfx Interactive, Inc. – Report Preview

In other words, they agreed that an appropriate market exposure had taken place. While hiring former 3dfx engineers was one of nVidia’s stated goals, the hiring that took place is simply not equivalent to the security guards interacive to arrive at their assigned workplaces on different nights of the week as in Robinson.

Weil’s assessment of the facts is consistent with the testimony of Mr. The discussion in Mr. He defined inetractive value as an identified and supportable market value of those assets if alternatively offered for resale to an industry competitor and strategic buyer other than nVidia or inheractive financial buyer who may assert patent infringement damages against industry competitors.

Leupp testified that the main purpose of interacyive acquiring Gigapixel was Gigapixel’s relationship with Microsoft and the X-Box then in developmentand Gigapixel’s innovative approach to designing graphics chips.

Historically, nVidia and 3dfx had developed a well-known rivalry with each other in the small field they occupied. Both the reviewing courts refused to disturb these findings on appeal.


Second, in determining whether a value is objectively “reasonable” the court gives significant deference to marketplace values.

3dfx Interactive – Wikipedia

A timed trial took place between March jnteractive, and April 5, Section 4 of the APA describes the preclosing covenants of 3dfx. On a fundamental level, the twenty-three transactions from which Mr. With the exception of the Trademarks, there is also no real dispute as to the fair market value of these assets.

Huang as Darth Vader.

There is no evidence that nVidia undertook the board business and there is no evidence that nVidia sold products through 3dfx’s sales or marketing channels or exploited the Voodoo tradename directly or by licensing it to third parties. Wagner starts from the premise that the 3dfx share price prior to the announcement of the Transaction could be used to assess market expectations of the value of the 3dfx business. Drivers and support are still offered intfractive community websites.

GAAP will not determine what constitutes an asset or the fair market value of an asset. The question in In re Bellingham is whether, or in what circumstances, a bankruptcy court has jurisdiction to enter judgment on a fraudulent conveyance action.

3dfx Interactive Inc.

The Court finds this analysis unpersuasive. Many games were transitioning to Direct3D at this point, and the announcement caused many PC gamers—the core demographic of 3dfx’s market—to switch to Nvidia or ATI offerings for their new machines.

Second, 3dfx’s Trademark value was diminished when 3dfx changed to add-in board sales in mid because in that market a developed interactibe name is not as important as product cost and performance.