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That’s all regarding design. The sound of the speakers is also alright, but a little dull. A short sweep will kick off continuous scrolling, and you can also control the scroll speed. The highlight of the HP p is its performance: The cursor block is a little bit separated from the other keys.

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A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity.

HP Compaq p Review | ZDNet

What’s special is, that the keys themselves are implemented using contact sensitive areas and, so, no further mechanical parts were needed. There are no anomalies regarding the display’s speed of reaction. We have already reafer one system in the Balanced Mobility range, the b. The noise emissions are alright, the notebook is quiet in idle mode.

Review HP Compaq 8710p Notebook

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. It’s time that the SSD hard disks are improved, so, that it’s finally quiet ;- Under load the fan audibly speeds up. Whether a large desktop replacement notebook really works for you will depend on your computing requirements.

There were hardly any changes regarding design and typing comfort of cafd keyboard. There’s room for a full sized keyboard with a separate number pad. Resolution x, all details: The minimum brightness of the panel was 0. Above the number row is a row of almost full-sized function keys, while an inverted-T arrangement of cursor keys to the bottom right caters for keyboard-based navigation.


We tested this with the BatteryEater battery benchmarking software, which asks the notebook to perform tasks continuously until the battery dies. Fast typing is accompanied by a clearly clicking, nearly rattling noise, although the keyboard is attached tightly to the case, besides, that it yields a litte. The sound of the two speakers, located at the front edge of the notebookis passable. There are many interfaces provided, so, utilizing them directly at the notebook will cause cable spaghetti.

HP Compaq p Notebook PC – Overview | HP® Customer Support

Various options are available, including Blu-ray, which probably has more traction with home users than businesspeople. Reviewed – HP Compaq p, provided by: The solution does not only look good, each of the keys could also rfader in practice.

Together with the maximum brightness of This offers a range of functions, including turning the Wi-Fi on and off — there’s no separate controller for Bluetooth, which must be activated from the Windows 7810p Tray.

If you think that such a high-performance notebook must be loud, you err. This runtime is alright for a DTR notebook with comparable performance. The readwr four are on the right side, in two adjacent pairs of stacked ports. We measured a noise level of up to Although this is not the most important criterion for a DTR, it does not harm.


We found this system highly effective. Also the volume control, which makes it possible to adjust the volume by moving the finger over a marked zone, is felicitous. Hewlett-Packard divided its business notebooks into three groups earlier this year. A plus is of course the separated numerical pad.

Hot keys, which are sensible to touch above the keyboard. In fact, this is one of the very few cases where we’ve found a notebook keyboard to be a little too large for comfort: Also the important input devices are alright. Battery life may seem rezder a secondary consideration with a system that’s not intended to travel a great deal.

The wide-format screen measures a massive 17in. In general typing is comfortablebut, seems a little bit jerky, because of the strong point of pressure and a relatively long travel.