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The only answer is to download the latest stable or beta version from AMD’s website. Look too high and the bottom appears washed out. The sound I never fixed, nor did I try much to fix it. Once this adjustment done, you should be able to use the internal microphone with a proper sound level. I always saw them in the installation menu but never knew what the big differences were. An upgrade to 3.

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Linux on Acer Aspire One 722-0369

There are updated drivers in that package. Legacy p Blu-ray playing smoothly on the Acer Aspire One Enlightenment, or E17 as the latest version is called, is a WM with many options for panels, widgets, and the like. Only newer Linux kernels will recognize it, and the wireless adapter must be set as the first boot device in BIOS or else the netbook might freeze, requiring a hard reboot. Proprietary AMD Catalyst drivers fglrx: Unfortunately, the meaning and contents of these registers varies on each Aspire One models, however they may be equal on Aspire One and Howeve3r, graphics rendering was poor, and moving windows around the screen resulted in a lot of lag.


Only one fix is strictly necessary to make the netbook work at all – setting “Network Boot” as the first boot device in the BIOS; see the Booting USB media section below for more details. And yes, it beeps through the earphones too, so if you happen to be listening to peaceful relaxation music when you plug the power cord in…wow be unto thee.

Acer Aspire One 722

Why not just use the free Avast instead? Relevant threads on Ubuntu forums: What could be causing the conflict?

I always saw them in the installation menu but never knew what the big differences were. In fact, it can seem a little too big at times for a netbook.

I first installed Lubuntu ubunhu It uses the wl driver, not bcma or brcmsmac. An excellent guide to the can be found at http: HDMI output is automatically detected.

Linux on Acer Aspire One | cortman

My reading of internet posts suggests to stick with the brcmsmac driver than try alternatives. One such product is the Cyborg R. However, depending on the brand of your touchpad, you may need additional packages or tweaks. Anything larger would be uncomfortable. If you are unwilling to try any version of The multi-card reader reads cards whereas the LTU in Ubuntu Installing a newer kernel, such as 3.


Finally I tried 6. The netbook outputs p and a variety of resolutions supported by the second display.

This is what we need, as from Mesa 7. AA1 to be merged Old Home.

Ubuntu – Installation on Acer Aspire One (AO)

Never had an issue with the wireless. For much of the roaming and exploring, Wireess Plug in the power cord to charge it up. Does the wireless work? Failure to set NetBoot as the first device to boot may result in serious problems, like frozen login screens.

This will waste the boost level that we have setup up. To view smooth full screen Flash video playback in bit Ubuntu, one workaround is to install the FlashVideoReplacer Firefox addon that lets you watch Flash videos using the native Asppire video players.