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I have my doubts about this actually helping the golfer in some way. Videos 1 week ago. As a result, they say, the Speedline Tech produces drives up to 11 yards longer and 54 percent more accurate than golfers are used to hitting. With Adams Fast Fit adjustability, golfers can adjust the lie, loft, length and swing weight of their Super LS driver. Next shot, nice high fade.

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It usually takes me a while to warm up to 3 woods as they are pretty darn difficult to hit off the deck.

Adams Speedline FAST12 Fairway Wood: Featured Review – GolfWRX

This makes for consistent ball striking, but not too much distance. The quick-adjusting Adams Speedline Super LS Driver adjusts to allow golfers the ability to dial in their loft and lie angle.

I have my doubts about this actually helping adamx golfer in some way. Predictions for the major championships. Equipment 1 month ago. The wind was blowing right to left at a steady mph as I lined up my first shot.

Adams Speedline Super LS Driver

Published 3 days ago on Dec 26, The head shape is very traditional and looks to be dead square. Next shot, dead frozen rope straight and medium to high trajectory. Equipment 2 weeks ago. The NV is a tip stiff heavy shaft.


My 7 iron goes in the summer months. Instruction 1 month ago.

I fluffed up the ball on a good lie and let it rip. Whistling Straits Kohler, Wisconsin. Shots just stay on line better. The odds of you making golf’s rarest shots. No doubt about it. Feel is very subjective. The Exotics have a more boring flight with less spin, but the likely contributor is the shaft difference. Automated Golf Social Article 1.

After grabbing a large bucket of balls, I hit the range which is natural grass to see how this thing performed. If I was to do it over, Aams would have gone with acams X flex shaft. Plenty of different clubs speedlien a mention, and some of our older members also offer their advice on how to solve the issue of decreasing length.

Adams Golf debuts Speedline Tech driver

Taking this into account, they designed the Speedline Tech’s clubface to provide optimal spin and launch in all three of those hitting areas. Adams Golf debuts Speedline Tech driver.


The slot is deeper in the toe and heel regions, improving consistency and ball speeds right across the face. The combination of the two colours works to offer two key benefits: The silver crown with the black face really frames the ball nicely.

In these series of articles, I will be taking you around the Emerald Isle providing you with great golf courses Equipment 4 weeks ago.

Adams Golf debuts Speedline Tech driver |

Forum Thread of the Day: Equipment 1 week ago. It has a different sound than I am used to.

The Latest 18 golf-inspired gift ideas this holiday season. Ghoonk opens the thread with his musings, after having used plenty of different blade irons at his local shop, and our members are quick to join in and offer their views on the subject.