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Matthieu Yiptong ergosteur wrote on To be sure it wasn’t a complete mess in my configuration files that was the cause of this problem, I’ve just reinstalled a whole new Ubuntu 8. I’ll try another complete reinstallation of Ubuntu when I’ll have the time OK, i fixed my problem, others may consider using the same fix go here http: I begun to be really fed up about this.

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Hi, This morning i casually found this interesting link http: I don’t ak2216w you need to develop something. Eventually, after about minutes, the monitor will finally turn on and then work as normal.

Optimal resolution and refresh rate is of course the only resolution which should be used.

Intel / GM/GME + Acer ALW + x = 🙁

February 11th, 9. Please visit this page to clear al2216w LQ-related cookies. Is that too much to ask of Mr. I’ve just tried your technique M Pietila but it stills doesn’t work. Using vrefresh range of The XP tablet extensions can be enabled on the desktop as well as far as I know.


And the manufacturer is often simply not sufficiently qualified enough.

So it’s really my last chance here I think I tried quite everything now. Please help Before we go down the xorg. I used the GUI but you could use linud command line by typing Code:.

Acer AL2216W – 22 inch monitor with Linux

Clear and verbose presentation of Modeline is a good example of Gentoo tradition. Please help we can force a higher resolution in the xorg.

Actually I remembered I couldn’t answer the questions of “sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” even if it should be “obvious”. I downloaded the DTD Calculator.

I tried writing my own config file, with the appropriate modelines gathered from google searches. Rest of this page is mostly about old, non-recommended analog VGA connection.

Greeter came up with the correct resolution. Mark Tetrode recommends this setup in his blog. Plug and Play ID I’m going to try envy and see if that helps. You have an unsupported chipset and your driver revision is to old.

Greetings, I have had this monitor for a while and have not had any problems until now. It might be weird, though, if the laptop only showed a x “slice” of the full x screen, unless that can be configured in VNC.


Gear Head lmwsu and Acer alw problems in Slackware.

This error message may be new, this occurred after the latest restricted-driver package upgrade recently made available:. Pf, I forgot to include the MonInfo info. I have had this monitor for a while and have not had any problems until now.

Here is what I tried for now: Maybe it’s my monitor or my graphic card that is broken, but I hardly believe that only the EDID module would crash if there was a hardware problem, al2216w any case, if someone has an Acer ALW monitor running on the last Ubuntu 8. The time now is I also tried to install the driver with the envyng app. Thank you for reporting this issue about a driver from the linux-restricte d-modules package.

The result is the same: