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The front panel is not conventional; when the tray opens, it looks as if the upper half moves toward you. Visit manufacturer site for details. But there can be some problems in recording CD-R: EAC Configuration Wizard results. Well, everything that has the following Lead-In, will be recorded at 1x. Both drives should be available as you read this. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in

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The drive was released in November last year and first it came with the firmware version 1. Write tests Time in minutes shorter bars indicate better performance. In addition, it offers superb performance and packs a comprehensive software bundle–all at a very affordable price.

Sony DRU-500A

To prevent buffer-underrun errors, it features an 8MB buffer memory and Power-Burn technology, which matches the burning speed with the amount of data in the buffer. Traditionally, let’s see how this drive is detected by the most popular program for audio track extraction.

They are less expensive than TDK’s models and have good quality. Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price.

Test 2 Track It’s simpler to buy a disc and record it on the DVD-Dual than to choose between the drives which are much more expensive. Still, we confirmed that the drive will write to all four of the DVD formats ddru claims to support. Sony is going to provide Veritas Drive Letter Access as a free download to correct this deficiency.


But I don’t recommend to place any devices close to it to avoid their overheating. Also note that it will be a bit dearer than one-format drives, but it won’t be too much for a possibility to record all possible DVD types on one drive. The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing Sign up to gain exclusive access to email subscriptions, event invitations, competitions, giveaways, and much more.

Eru you can see, reading of dur the discs is stable and error-free. Well, everything that has the following Lead-In, will be recorded at 1x. Audio burn to CD-R from image on hard drive from 43 min.

Now they can be recorded only at 1x, as well as the old TDK’s discs certified for 2x recording. EAC Configuration Wizard results. Write tests Time, in minutes, to complete drj shorter bars indicate better performance. The recording process can be halted and then resumed rdu the same place, but without this technology there can be some free space after the interruption which might cause problems for home DVD players and some computer DVD-ROM drives.

Difference between Sony DRU-500A/DRX-500UL and DRU-500AX/DRX-500ULX

Movie write tests Rate, in megabytes per second, at which a movie is written to write-once media longer bars indicate better performance. The formats and media types supported can be found out with the Nero Infotool.


But this 050a to be more convenient for a user.

If not, the CD contains an in-depth and helpful electronic user guide with step-by-step instructions. Reportedly, there are also Power Calibration Errors when any discs from Princo are used.

Such approach can be very unpleasant for a user if all such discs will be read at 4x. On the back of the drive, you’ll find IDE, analog audio, and power connectors as well as jumper settings.

Sony DRUA – Review – PCMag UK

Dimensions W x H dri D: CD-R recording, cyanine CD-R recording, phthalocyanine Well, the drive has no preferences regarding the surface types. ShowBiz lets users create and edit video clips, combining still and motion clips with sound tracks, adding titling and transition effects as well.

About the Author Alfred Poor. Possibility to make it multizone RPC-1 According to www. In packet-writing tests, the DRUA once again rocked the chart. The results are not so sad. So, 500q verdict is that users should choose DVD-R media very carefully.