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Sign up using Email and Password. Definitely could use some help on resolving this issue. February 26, at 7: Thanks for an excellent post. At this point, some people also said reboot helped, so if you got this far, why not do that too…. All went smoothly except for one bug: Download the driver from edimax choose linux version Put this onto your linux device You will need to get to the driver files.

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I see lots of discussion around the Linux drivers for this device e.

RealTek CUs driversare blacklisted. The problem was that Ubuntu seems to be able to use the USB to see the networks around me, but when I tried to connect to my network either when the router had the edimxx on or off — it just kept trying and failing to connect.

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To make it easier, here is the direct download. Get notified of new R posts I don’t spam, nor give your email to others.


MAC auto ON okay! You may need to restart your system if kernel update has been installed.

Works great with the monoprice dongle on Linux Mint For info, please visit https: Edimax EWun need help on installing driver igi Ubuntu-User: Bellow are the steps I needed to take in order to solve the problem in the smoothest fashion — I hope others might benefit from it in the future.

You may need to restart your system if a kernel update has been installed.

Edimax EW-7811Un USB wireless – connecting to a network (on ubuntu 11.10)

Enter your search term here January 19th, 6. Your device uses the tricky driver rtlcu.

Edimax EWun need help on installing driver. A patch ubunti below. It is a tight fit and requires too many extra cables, but it is working.

[SOLVED] Edimax EWun need help on installing driver

I followed the instructions above and now it works. So for me the commands were: Thanks for an excellent post. Learn how your comment data is processed. You ran the script? For removal, you can use the following commands. The last step blacklisting the old driver was something I would not have thought of. Thank you for the clear instructions.


Edimax Nano USB EWUn (RTLCUS chipset) – Raspberry Pi 2 & 3 – Ubuntu MATE Community

Next, I modified the driver to report no hardware aggregation support and the problem disappeared too. It will do the trick! Please note that accordingly.

For now at least, installing Lucid was my solution. Click that and it takes you to a list of drivers scroll down a bit. August 7, at 4: Blacklist so that the driver continues to build and is installable for the few cases where its really needed.

Paraphrased below If you have issue s with the built-in driver, you can try this open source driver from github.