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I am using a windows bit machine for my UM-1 and the instructions were spot on. If you have a bit machine, browse within the archive to this folder: INF file lines as instructed. Have you modified the driver in the unpacked directory, with the changes indicated in my post, before attempting the installation? The machine has not been rebooted since, so it would not have gotten enabled again, would it?

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Definitely great to have edirol UM-1X working again. Your Windows machine should automatically open a. INF file lines as instructed.

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Our members also liked: I heard back from Roland. Now, a couple of weeks ago, it was necessary to re-install another, unrelated, old driver to overcome a Windows upgrade mess Open GL 2. Also thx to Sam for the very clear instructions to switch of driver signature enforcement.

It is work well, so thanks very mutch for your great help! I used the UM-1 driver for Windows 8 downloaded from Roland. When the installation is done, you can reboot and driver signature verification will be on again.


My support query some years ago was never answered. But if my driver disappears again, I might give that a try and see what happens. Saved me a lot of work, Thank you. I will do it again and I would ub if it works you. John, after getting your email last night, I closed all the windows that had the. Thank you for letting me know.

More than ever before, we need to fill the world with good music. It was said very well by Leonard Ub in November Repeated steps and all worked fine this time. UM-1ex ans focusrite scarlett next gen ake a good pair for me.

Help is highly appreciated. I stumbled on your page while searching for a midi interface advertised as compatible with Win 10, to replace my Edirol UM-1EX that had stopped working in the switch from Win 7. You are perfectly correct: Having tried to reinstall a couple of times and failed, I realised I had to restart in the special mode to allow ussb drivers.

Make the Edirol or Roland UM-1 and UM-1X work on Windows 10 | Zodiacal Light

I can now connect the tc-helicon vocalist and my old midi keyboard. Part of me wants to boycott Roland for their unwillingness to keep current drivers for this product. Unpacking the archive means unzipping it, in this case. Your computer will restart but will give you some options….


For the 32 bit to work look in: John, I just wanted to say thank you for providing this ysb for installing the driver.

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Stumbled across this page after a bit of searching: The um1- has not been rebooted since, so it would not have gotten enabled again, would it? Oh and i forgot my pc midi keyboardno driver or support for that one either luckely i can get it to work through the UM-1s thnx to John.

At first when I plugged the UM1-X in it was not accepted. Can I get it to work with this configuration?