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Solder another pair to the outer-contact connection. Finally, reattach the antenna lead. Be careful as you pull the bottom off, because the speaker is attached to a recess in the bottom with gummy glue. Some users report increased coverage simply by making sure that the antenna connector is firmly seated in the AirPort card, as it can sometimes become dislodged slightly after leaving the factory. Use it to estimate how much power you need to provide at one end of your cable run in order to power your access point.

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4. Hardware Hacks – Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition [Book]

Put AA batteries in the holder and turn on the PistolMouse. Figure shows the finished driver board installed inside the Chevy. Preparing and Installing the EL Panel.

Be careful not to damage the MiniMouse main board during this process. There are four sensors on the MiniMouse main board, which are highlighted in Figure However, this is unnecessarily complicated in the Integrated Circuit age.

Linksys has manufactured the WET11 for several years. It took a while, but I eventually got that to sngenius. It had 10 wires coming out of it: Running your own custom access point can be considerably more challenging than the plug-and-play devices you can buy in consumer electronic stores, but building such devices can be much more rewarding as well.


This particular coffee shop is housed in an old wooden train station building, with high ceilings, old-style hanging industrial lamps, and even a couple old trains still on the wireles, serving as small businesses. You want to avoid air bubbles, so start in the middle and gently press the panel out towards the edges.

The hardware proved every bit as challenging for an intermediate hacker like me. Be careful to keep track of any parts if they fly out during this step. I disassembled an omni antenna with a magnetic base.

The WirelessDriver project lives on SourceForge at http: Unwire Your Pistol Mouse. Then, put the holder above the scroll wheel in the cavity above the trigger. A tiny driver board combined with a light that you can cut with scissors to any shape should make it easy to add a backlight to just about any transparent LCD display.

One popular model is the tiny Soekris net First, apply heat to the antenna connector cable and remove it from the vompact. An AWS can be built inexpensively.

The fluorescent bulb would obviously be dimmer than a Watt spot lamp, but it would be better than nothing. You can probably live without them, but if you want to keep them, ssenao is your chance not to let them fly across the room or fall behind the workbench.


Engenius Senao Wireless Compact Flash Card CF Mercury

These are tiny, fanless machines that are designed to run on DC power and boot from cheap compact flash RAM. Use the new mouse as you would any Bluetooth device. Orientation for the following instructions is the front of the mouse and the rear of the mouse, as held in your hand. Updated firmware usually resolves most flaky behavior and occasionally even gives you a couple of new features.

Wireless Hacks, 2nd Edition by Roger Weeks, Rob Flickenger

A friend of mine, Manny, decided to take it upon himself to do this part. At the time of this writing, the average These are ideal for running a micro distribution, such as Pebble [Hack 70] or m0n0wall [Hack 71].

Add a backlight to this tiny wireless communicator, so you can use it in the dark.

The right button uses the rear solder point, the front being the ground here. This will need to go from the top of the gun all the way to the bottom front. For your own reference, take note of the orientation of the scroll wheel sensor.