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Your Bluetooth applications will likely be slightly different. You can save batteries by using a USB cable and using the power from your laptop, which should last much longer. Further details are discussed in the Firmware section , below. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Logging these parameters requires a significant share of the device’s memory and reduces the capacity of points that can be logged.

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The resulting file for example: Skip to main content. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Status, time, position, speed and distance. They are sensitive and hold an ample amount of data. This release still allows to set specific logging parameters while holuc device is hooux on. Logging these parameters requires a significant share of the device’s memory and reduces the capacity of points that can be logged. A Ni-MH mAh rechargeable AA cell is specified to power it up to 10 hours at room temperature, and if a mAh cell is used, users have reported up to 12 hours usable life.

If it had the possiblity of accepting a micro sd card, than continuos logging would be possible.

I think you can recognize that shortly after turning the logger on the track is not recorded precisly, but after a ohlux of seconds this improves and you might recognize my turn to the bus stop. Easy to use, built for speed, and offering great functionality, this device is an ideal locating device for outdoor enthusiasts and parents who wish to keep better track of their children.


Holux M-241

Even linking your own photos with the recorded waypoints, so-called geotagging, is easily done with that. This item doesn’t belong on this page. Your Bluetooth applications will likely be slightly different. Great for a data logger to download points at the end.

For vehicles, note that GPS loggers do not transmit through metal, so placing it under the hood or in the trunk of an automobile will not work. If one expects to be inundated or to use it in the rain, it should be enclosed in a waterproof plastic container, a zip-closure polyethylene freezer bag, or a zip-closure vinyl envelope designed for electronics.

Other similar devices are flat and rubbery so they have a low center of gravity and better surface grip.

However, be sure to set your camera time to the same time as the GPS tracker before your start. The Holux M GPS is a compact and very lightweight tracker, making the device not only useful for logging wildlife sightings or recording nature treks.


See details for additional description. Even a battery is included so you can start right away.

BT software works on Linux. This page was last edited on 11 Aprilat Even at night time or in twilight, the backlight will enlighten you. I did not get them with gpsbabel. About The Author tuxoche.

Holux M Data Logger

Hikers and power walkers appreciate the distance option when setting up their automatic stamp to the GPS position logging. If you select time, the Holux M will time stamp each GPS position, and then you are able to synchronize your digital camera with the camera date stamp on a photograph.

I use this item for years and was always very satisfied with it. See the Microsoft Windows section for general details. Very good build quality. From a daily OSM surveyor, here some experiences:. Ratings and Reviews Write a review.

Holux M-241 GPS-Logger

It is just about 1 year old now. Precise and very fast update. It has excellent sensitivity.