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Copies 1-sided copies p. If the Auto Panel Reset function is. Although the light that shines through the Original Glass is bright, it is not a laser beam and, therefore, is not as dangerous. Display Indications Displays the currently specified number of copy pages and number of copy sets. The sound pressure level at the operator position according to EN is equal to or less than 70dB A. Whether the Auto Panel Reset function is disable or the time. Specify the desired copy settings.

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Useful Functions The length of time before the machine enters the Energy Save mode can be set between 1 min and min.

Toner for Konica Minolta DI 1610 F

Page Close the Front Di1610t. Page 64 This will start the copy cycle. For printing lighter copies of dark documents to avoid. Press the [Yes] key to quit changing the settings. Loading Paper When loading additional paper, remove any paper remaining in the drawer, place it on top of the new paper, and then align the paper in the stack well before loading it into the drawer.

KONICA MINOLTA Dif – Software Patch

Only 1 envelope at a time can be loaded in Tray1 and the Bypass Tray. Loading Paper Into Tray1 the side facing up when the package was unwrapped faces up. The use of non-shielded cable is likely to result in interference with radio communications and is prohibited under CISPR 22 rules and local rules. If the machine performs no operations for a set length of time, it will.


Checking The Machine Status – Konica Minolta Dif User Manual [Page 66]

The image on the copy is not aligned properly. Therefore, the print head unit should not be opened under any circumstances. Select the setting for the type and size of paper that di1610t loaded.

However, if the optional expansion memory is installed, up to scanned pages can be stored. Contact your service representative. Documents containing multiple pages can be copied and automatically separated into the individual sets.

The original is minplta be placed face down. A diagonal line indicates a prohibited course of action. Keep all supplies out of the reach of children.

Load the desired paper into the tray. Repeat steps 11 and The laser diode and the scanning polygon mirror are incorporated in the print head unit. The maximum power of the laser diode is 15 mW and the wavelength is nm. The Energy Save mode is miolta. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.


Pulling on the power cord could damage the cord, resulting in a fire or electrical shock. Loading Paper Into The Bypass Tray When paper is loaded into the Bypass Tray, the paper size and type must be specified, otherwise paper size error may occur.

Open, then close the Front Cover. Note Replace the document page that was misfed, according to the page number indicated in the Display. Page 3 Energy Save Mode Non-Sort The default settings can be customized from the Utility mode. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

The hot toner may scatter and cause burns or other damage. Operation Precautions A negligible amount of ozone is generated during normal operation of this machine. For printing copies with same density as documents.

The timer can be set between 1 min and min.