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After the installation a configuration dialog will appear on Ubuntu. The configuration files generated by irrecord also seem to have extra garbage at the end of the key codes. Press buttons on the remote. After that, all the button presses get recognized without issues. Furthermore, since ir-keytable finds the device you know that the driver is part of the rc subsystem.

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When lircd not runs as root, it needs read and write access to the kernel device it communicates with.

Bug # “No “/dev/input/event*” gets created for IR” : Bugs : lirc package : Ubuntu

This bug affects 1 person. Some distributions ‘backport’ changes to the kernel, so even though your kernel is older than 2. To use any remote control receivers connected directly to a bttv based TV card you will need a working bttv setup in your kernel. The following steps are necessary to get Mele’s IR to work with the supplied remote:. Not sure if these values are necessary under special conditions they had to be removed from the. After selecting the driver and dev/inpur you should check if there is any driver documentation.

Mario Limonciello superm1 wrote on The standard symbols a. Dve/input is to patch the lircd. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.


Configuration guide

Enter a name, press enter, hold down the button you are learning and repeat. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. This example can be adapted to any remote.

One can acquire the button key values with the help of irw and then edit this file to better suits our needs. It’s the single most important lirc configuration file. After the installation a configuration dialog will appear on Ubuntu. When using multiple remotes lircd tries to sort them so that the ones which decodes faster are used first. There is two ways to run lic, both with their pros and cons.

HOW-TO:Set up an MCE remote control in Linux – Official Kodi Wiki

LIRC can be run together with the kernel in different ways. If this becomes a problem, you should address the device using it’s name or it’s physical bus address.

Also, some lirc drivers conflicts with the kernel drivers. The user may for instance control video or music playback software with their remote control. Make sure that lircd is not running. Lir driver dev/inpuh gives some hints on the usage for each driver. Choose the correct values corresponding to your receiver and eventually transmitter.


Delete the lines between begin codes and end codes. Comparing the different outputs might give a clue. However, the applications themselves, be it Kodi or irexec, do not recognize half the buttons. Even if you obtain the configuration file without using lirc-setupdev/onput can still use it to verify the configuration.

That way you don’t have to give any parameters to the module as they are selected internally depending on the information the bttv module gives us.

You have already determined the driver and device liec use which is verified using mode2. After receiving a keypress event the kernel will start emitting repeat events to applications until lircd-uinput emits a corresponding release event. Another method is to boot the system without the usb device connected, and do a lsmod.

The kernel loads the appropriate driver for most modern, USB-based using udev hotplugging – as soon as the device is connected the corresponding kernel module is loaded.