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Plus, for the first time ever I hit a drive Science instead of Hype Hype and gimmicks do not hit a golf ball farther. I will get longer once I refine the added length to my swing and stance. Even though your club is 1″ to 2″ longer than the others I actually hit it straighter and on average about 30 yards farther. Oh yea, it did go much straighter.

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TPF M80 Superspeed NON-CONFORMING + COR Driver | #

It had been awhile since Superspefd have seen those distances. Hitting them in the fairway is quite another. On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I was able to play with the guys. This is coming from a guy that routinely hits OEM drivers under yards.

At 80 years old I was hitting the ball around yards off the tee. I am now Suits a wide range of golfers seeking enhanced distance at an incredible value. I just want to tell you after trying this weapon for the first time I am now a big believer in your driver.

I like its 57mm face height. I then stepped up to the Cobra superspees with a custom Integra sooolong 45 gram ultra-lite shaft 48″ long shaft.


M80 Driver | Best Car Designs

Available in Stiff mphRegular mphSenior mph and Super Senior below 73mph flexes. Driver got here within a few days of ordering, but due to weather and my schedule was not superspeev to play with it until this past weekend. I will consider a 3 or 5 wood soon. He’s 72 and had just yards left on a yard par 4.

Aura 55 by Omega — An all new ultra light weight graphite shaft that delivers increased club head speed while promoting consistent control. Science instead of Hype Hype and gimmicks do not hit a golf ball suprspeed. GPS showed drives that were 10, 20 and up to We use only unsolicited testimonials that have been voluntarily submitted by actual customers who have purchased our products.

But for the price I figured “What the hey, I can take a chance! Gained yards over my other drivers. Then Sjperspeed read about the M80 and with some skepticism I decided to try. I went out to the practice range with it.

My handicap has decreased 7 strokes!! After hitting your club 50 balls and my other driver – Cleveland XLS – 50 balls I added up the numbers and got an additional 26 yards. So if any one of you members looking to get one of these for their parents, grandparents, etc. It’s nice to find a product that actually works. Happy with what I got. I have gained 25 yards and have no trouble hitting the fairway.


TPF M80 Superspeed NON-CONFORMING .900+ COR Driver

Suffice it to say I’m more then pleased. This has enabled me to go into most greens with an iron instead of a wood. Best drive was on a par five, my rangefinder told me my second shot was to pin!

It is this unique combination of design and performance that is the signature of the all new light weight M80 SuperSpeed Kompressor suoerspeed.

I haven’t swung a club in 5 months. I bought this figuring it would go to the basement.

TPF M80 SuperSpeed NON-CONFORMING .900+ COR Driver

Which Driver is Right for You? The guys I play with can’t believe it and they all want to try my new driver. I feel like a tour player on the tee.