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Columbia Lake 22 Jacket. New Clubs For See what other customers are buying right now. Both shapes of the Nike SQ Machspeed Drivers are worth a look depending on your taste in head shape however we prefer the Round versio as we think that it is a much better all round club offering the complete package. Golf Footwear is our specialty at BudgetGolf. First shot was 20 yards longer than my old driver and dead down the middle. This driver has amazing forgiveness and distance.

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Golf Apparel is not just for the avid golfer anymore. Why are there no values for my used golf clubs?

Left hand available in 9. Thank you, your review has been submitted successfully and will be included on the page once approved.

NIKE SQ MACHSPEED BLACK SQUARE DRIVER | Discount Prices for Golf Equipment

In Reality We could keep this short by stating that of all the drivers we’ve hit so far this yearthis is our favorite by far. Clubs that do not qualify: Regardless of whether the club is fit for blaack or your year-old grandmother however, you’re perfectly able to comment on its appearance, and the Machspeed Black looks absolutely great.

Bryan thought it was an incredibly easy club to hit and a tight consistency rate from both him and Jon suggested this was a forgiving beast. In Theory With optimal mafhspeed throughout the swing, air moves closely over and around the club head, reducing drag for maximum speed and energy at impact.


Today’s Golfer

Straight is fine with me. You can easily update to the latest version. If you’re getting along well with your original Machspeed, finding a lot of fairways and hitting it a reasonable distance, we sqquare see that there’s any great need for an upgrade.

Nike have always been first at destroying traditional barriers in design of sports products, and with this driver it was all about reducing the amount of drag a driver head generates so more speed and therefore distance can be achieved. Many golf apparel brands have transformed into lifestyle brands and their clothes can be worn for many occassions. As far as we’re aware, Nike hasn’t made any meaningless claims about the Machspeed Black giving you an extra three of four yards as if the average golfer can discern an extra three yards but it certainly won’t lose you any and, provided you get a suitably spec’ed club, will make a very welcome addition to your arsenal.

I was fitted at the store and they were dead on.

But after a thorough fitting with a launch monitor, you might be recommended a club that is slightly different to the one you end up testing. Typical turnaround time is business days. Please ship all trade-ins to:.

Brand New The golf club is in brand new condition and has never been used on a golf course. Above Average Golf machspees has been played less than 10 rounds and is in top of the line used condition.

Nike Machspeed Black Driver Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Hit my first yarder within a month. By submitting a review you agree to be bound by our terms and conditions. Need help selling or trading your clubs?


It wouldn’t be a terribly thorough review though, and probably wouldn’t give you anything you needed to know. While the head is very black, it is also very round – a sophisticated, almost traditional combination we like very much. We did test it to make sure it works though and can report that Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid.

Driver Fairway Wood Hybrid Putter. Our golf club condition guide is as follows:. Golf club head covers, tool kits, torque wrenches, or other related accessories should be included whenever possible though are not mandatory. Here, as well as giving you the manufacturers’ blurb on their own products, we’ll add our own thoughts – Totally Independent Golf Equipment Reviews or T.

We hit the round-head, as opposed to the square-head version, and thought it every bit as attractive as Cleveland’s DST Launcher or, indeed, its handsome new driver, the XL Jon got on particularly well with the product, raving about the look of the head the feel it generated. Having tried the original Machspeed and been very impressed, we decided to try the round head of the Machspeed Black and found it to be the equal of anything we’ve tested of late.

If you prefer to use your own shipping service, you are welcome to do that at your own expense.